• Tuesday, Mar 28 2017
    Canada's nurses encourage the citizens and residents of Canada, to sign the petition that calls upon the Government of Canada to: 1. Implement through a Federal law, a Pan-Canadian Universal Pharmacare Plan, in this 42nd Parliament; and 2. Implement a National Formulary for medically necessary drugs including a drug monitoring agency providing regulations and oversight to protect Canadians. Sign the petition here.
    Wednesday, Mar 22 2017
    OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress says today’s federal budget takes positive steps on a few key issues for working Canadians and their communities. “We are pleased to see today’s budget invest in several key areas that unions have long championed, including infrastructure, skills training, and child care,” said Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff. “By investing in skills training and infrastructure, including $11 billion in support of a National Housing Strategy, this budget lays the foundation for the creation...
    Tuesday, Mar 21 2017
    After the Trudeau government introduced its first budget last year, Canada’s unions were optimistic, but knew that much more would be needed to really build a fairer and more prosperous Canada. Infrastructure funding, and improvements to EI and the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors emerged as highlights in the 2016 budget. But working Canadians and their families were left waiting for sustained funding for health care and child care, and action on other key campaign commitments. Here are the top...
  • Friday, Mar 17 2017
    March 17, 2017 Argentina Titular: Los enfermeros paran por 72 horas desde el lunes Headline: Nurses strike for 72 hours starting Monday ..... Argentina Titular: Enfermeros esperan una convocatoria official Headline: Nurses wait for an official call ..... Argentina Titular: Los enfermeros inician sus primeras horas de paro Headline: Nurses start their first hours of strike ..... Argentina Titular: Enfermeros iniciaron un paro de 72 horas Headline: Nurses initiated a 72-hour work stoppage ..... Argentina
  • Wednesday, Mar 8 2017
    The Canadian Labour Congress is inviting union members to challenge the federal government to make real progress toward women’s economic justice. Join the call on the federal government to take three simple actions in 2017 : table pay equity legislation, sign a new deal on child care with the provinces and territories, and put paid domestic violence leave in the Canada Labour Code . These three goals are achievable, but the government needs to feel the pressure to act. To...
  • Friday, Mar 3 2017
    March 3, 2017 Australia Headline: Beds secured at LGH Australia Headline: Hopes 27 extra beds will ease pressure on patients and staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital Australia Headline: Cuts to aid Sunday trade Australia Headline: Ferny Grove mum runs 24-hour child care service to cater for shiftworkers Brazil Manchete: Emanuel garante melhorias salariais a enfermeiros de Cuiabá Headline: Emanuel guarantees salary improvements to nurses in Cuiabá Canada Headline: Ontario Nurses' Association Members approve...
  • Monday, Feb 27 2017
    February 26, 2017 Australia Headline: Penalty rate cut Australia Headline: "One By Nine": Doctors wary of SA Health's hospital discharge campaign Australia Headline: Bullied nurse claims she was forced to resign from Cairns Hospital’s troubled maternity ward Brazil Manchete: Greve dos enfermeiros deve ser mantida Headline: Nurses strike should be maintained Brazil Manchete: Francisco Costa recebe sindicatos de profissionais em saúde Headline: Francisco Costa meets with health professionals' unions Canada Titre: Des infirmières dédommagées...
  • Wednesday, Feb 22 2017
    The economic, public and frontline perspective all point to a clear consensus: it is time Canada implemented a national pharmacare plan. CFNU’s annual Breakfast on the Hill, attended by Senators, MPs and health care stakeholders, featured a panel of three individuals – Hugh Mackenzie, economist, Peter MacLeod, Chair of the Citizens’ Reference Panel on Pharmacare in Canada, and Edson Castilho, a nurse who works at IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia – speaking about the impact that the lack...


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